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2009-04-10 00:57:18 by CharlieRisingMoon

For a long time I sat back on The Sidelines of NG just watching videos downloading my favorite metal music and or techno music But I recently had the urge to pick up a pencil and write lyrics to my favorite NG metalhead's songs just for fun to see how much my voice meshed with the materiel. It was a success I have now been on the search for underground NG artists looking for Screaming/Metal-core vocalists I post all my latest musical Attributes on my "Internet vocal project" site

here: rsapple

the the goal is still fluent in process
I will be happy to add vocals to anyone's metal songs for the betterment of their music.
Furthermore I would like to say I am not doing this to intrude on the talents of young and up and coming artists I am purely doing this for enjoyment and to get to show off my voice with such beautiful music. I get permission to post my lyrical covers all the time from the artist before doing so

My Background  Or Bio


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